The Industrial Metaverse is transforming the industry.

In the Industrial Metaverse, Digital Twins as virtual 3D counterparts of physical products and systems enable maximum efficiency of industrial processes. Digital Twins provide the virtual environment for persistent simulation and live collaboration and are serving as an interface between the virtual and the real world.

Together with suitable technology solutions, Digital Twins become interactive and enable business communication in a new dimension:

  • Product development is connected with marketing/sales.
  • Communication is synchronized.
  • The go-to-market is accelerated, and sales become more successful.

cue offers the solution.

The Industrial Metaverse is transforming the industry.

cue Future is now.

We are a skilled team of digital experts based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, with a network of specialists in Germany and Europe.

As enablers in the Industrial Metaverse, we follow our mission statement "Future is now" and translate future technologies into practicable business applications of the present. Our solutions transfer Digital Twins into online and offline communication.

How? Preparation. Transformation. Playout Enabling.

  • We analyze your individual requirements and design your specific solution.
  • We structure and prepare („beautify“) your 3D data and enrich them with your content.
  • With tailor-made playout applications, we transfer your Digital Twins into the communication channels.

Our services

We provide technology services around Industrial Metaverse in combination with suitable business communication solutions.

  • Software/Technology: Consulting, Architecture, Conception, Development, Implementation
  • Process Analysis, Modeling, Design
  • Data Structuring, CMS/DIP/Interfaces
  • 3D Data Preparation, Digital Twin Beautifying and 3D & XR Creation
  • Frontend: UX/UI Conception, Design and Implementation
  • Database System Design and Implementation
  • Analytics

Our passion is future technologies with added value.

Our customers

Experience live? Experience more?

With pleasure we tell you more about us and show you the spectrum of our Digital Twin communication solutions in a live demo.

Let‘s talk about your needs!

  • What are your product communication requirements?
  • What about your data base yet?
  • Which processes would you like to improve?